Choose from the largest selection of repossessed Vehicles and Recreational Product in Canada!

Our website allows you access to a large selection of RepoDepo vehicles in one place. There is always new inventory being added to the site so be sure to visit often! You’ll be able to store any of the vehicles that interest you in “MyGarage” for easy following.

Want to know more about a vehicle?

We know once you find a vehicle that interests you you’re going to have questions, and we have a dedicated customer service team who is here to help you!

You can call our customer service centre at 1-888-611-REPO (7376), or reach out through our chat portal to speak to a live representative, between the hours of 9 AM EST – 9 PM EST Monday through Friday, and 9 AM EST – 6PM EST Saturday. If you prefer, you can contact us through email and request information, or provide a time you would like us to respond to you.

Bid on the vehicle you’d like to buy

If you would like to inspect the vehicle before placing your bid, our customer service representatives will help you make an appointment to view the vehicle.

There are two types of sales facilities:

  1. Open-to-the-public auctions: These are auctions where consumers and dealers bid on vehicles at the auction. Bidding procedures vary per auction so be sure to arrive a few hours early to learn the ins and outs.
  2. Silent Bidding Process: Consumers submit their bids through the RepoDepo sales facilities. Our Representatives are experienced and are here to help you through the bidding process.
  3. As we have units in locations across Canada, with varying provincial governance rules, you can contact our customer service centre for guidance on how to place a bid/make a purchase.
  4. RepoDepo encourages all customers to attend and inspect the vehicle prior to committing to a bid. Should you be unable to inspect the vehicle yourself, and rather wish to bestow authority onto another individual, RepoDepo will not be responsible for any negligence during the inspection.

Purchase your new vehicle!

Should you be the highest bidder at a live auction it’s going to be pretty obvious you just bought yourself a new vehicle!

If you bid on a vehicle through a silent bidding process RepoDepo will only contact the highest bidder, once the vehicle sale date has passed. Subject to the vendor’s sales process requirements, a deposit representing 10% of the bid may be required in order to present the offer to the vendor for authorization.

All vehicles must be paid for by money order, bank draft or by certified cheque. The selling facility where your vehicle is located will give you direction on their preferred methods of payment.

Once payment has been accepted the vehicle is all yours!

Be sure to make arrangements to have your vehicle delivered from the sales facility. Our facilities have a lot of experience in helping to arrange delivery for their customers. However, the responsibility to arrange transport falls to the new vehicle owner. Please contact the sales facility in regards to taking ownership and the delivery process.